The Fireside Chats 2011 with Hal and Sidra Stone
Dialogues in Relationship

Playing Your Own Instrument.

Voice Dialogue as an instrument is the same for everyone, but the sound of the music it plays is different for each of us. Each of us brings to this instrument our own individual background or belief system and a specific set of interests and talents. We have different levels of maturity and our own specific skills. Thus, although the instrument of Voice Dialogue is the same for us all, the music that each person produces will be unique. 

"Linkage" as the priority in relationship.

Our relationships have mental, emotional, and spiritual components - but they also have an energetic component and it is this energetic component that we are now addressing. The energetic connection is something different. It is subtle. Each of us has a body energy field that extends beyond our physical body.

Feeling Trapped in a Relationship?

Even the most ideal relationships have moments in which intimacy is interrupted and good will is in short supply. As we studied the rhythms of relationship and these periods of discomfort, we discovered certain predictable patterns in all of them. We see these patterns as the dance of the selves in relationship, a dance in which the selves, rather than the people, interact.

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