The Fireside Chats 2011 with Hal and Sidra Stone
Dialogues in Relationship

About the book...

"The Fireside Chats with Hal and Sidra Stone"
editing and reflections by Dianne Braden.

This book chronicles the first Fireside Chats with Hal and Sidra Stone which took place in 2009. The transcription of their morning talks yields an entrance into their mature thought on their 30 year experience in relationship and the development of the Aware Ego Process. Described through the lens of a participant and experienced Voice Dialogue facilitator, Dianne Braden, this book offers anyone interested in the work and the event, a vivid experience of it. This book stands as a unique opportunity to hear spontaneous reflections from the creators of Voice Dialogue, in informal conversations with their senior teachers. 

To be released early in 2011. 

Read excerpts from the book here...

Sidra and Hal Stone


Dianne Braden


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