The Fireside Chats 2011 with Hal and Sidra Stone
Dialogues in Relationship

About Drs. Hal and Sidra Stone

Hal and Sidra Stone are the originators of the Psychology of Selves, and the Aware Ego Process, a psycho/spiritual practice they discovered and developed over three decades ago through their relationship to one another. Psychologists both, Hal was trained as a Jungian analyst in the 1960’s in Los Angeles and Zurich, and Sidra was a behavioral psychologist fascinated by ancient cultures and the perspective opened to her by Herman Hesse. When Hal and Sidra met, their relationship blossomed and became the tool that has brought to the world of psychology and personal growth, a development of consciousness rich and unique in its approach. With humor, wisdom, and compassion, Hal and Sidra Stone have spanned more than three decades introducing people to their own depths through the Voice Dialogue method, an interactive and energetic practice that broadens the understanding of personality and deepens the appreciation of our humanity and our connection to something larger.

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