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About Accommodations

Transportation: The closest airports to Mendocino are airports serving San Francisco. We strongly recommend that you rent a car.  This area is rural, isolated, and has no public transportation.
The drive to Mendocino is beautiful, but takes more time than you might expect. Route #128, the road from Cloverdale to Mendocino is only 65 miles, but will take you about one and one-half hours. Also, it takes about 4+ hours to get here from the San Francisco International Airport even though the mileage is only about 125 miles. It is a beautiful drive through wine country as well as through the  magnificent California redwoods.

Accommodations: It is necessary to arrange for your accommodations in advance. You will find most of them listed at www.mendocino.com or www.mcn.org . We encourage you to mention that you are coming to work with Hal and Sidra Stone as many places will give discounts for their teaching events. We also recommend that you stay in or close around the town of Mendocino as it is a lovely town and within walking distance of the event house.

If you wish to arrange for a vacation rental (which costs from about $900 - $3000 per week and would have one, two, three, or more bedrooms) we are listing a couple of rental agencies we recommend. Sharing accommodations is the least expensive way to attend the workshop. 

The first is Coast Getaways, (800) 525-0049 or locally (707) 937-9200, website is http://www.coastgetaways.com mail is getaways@mcn.org. Coast Getaways has many lovely rental homes with weekly rates available from $900 to $2800.

The other vacation home rental agency is Mendocino Coast Reservations (800) 262-7801 or (707) 937-1000, they can be found at http://www.mendocinovacations.com Their email  is mcr@mendocinovacations.com. Ask for rentals in Mendocino or Little River. 

A bed & breakfast in the town of Mendocino, with rates beginning at $650 without housekeeping for the week, is Allegria.  They can be contacted through Elaine at 800-780-7905.  View at www.oceanfrontmagic.com.  Email to inn@oceanfrontmagic.com

To stay at an inn in the town of Mendocino, both the Mendocino Hotel www.mendocinohotel.com (707) 937-0511 and the MacCallum House, (800) 609-0492 or (707) 937-0289, website www.maccallumhouse.com. Email  machouse@mcn.org. Innkeepers have promised to provide a discount for people coming to work with us. Both are elegant, charming old Mendocino landmarks in the middle of the village. They have rooms and suites at a variety of prices, some with and some without private baths. They both have delightful bars often frequented by "locals" and excellent restaurants.

There is also a cottage in Caspar, about 30 minutes away, that goes for $750 - $900.  Contact Diane at www.casparcottage.com, or email her at mail@casparcottage.com for more information.
As for the inns, all that we have included are charming. (You should also mention that you are coming to work with Hal and Sidra Stone who are locals.)  The Stanford Inn by the Sea, (800) 331-8884 or (707) 937-5615, website: www.stanfordinn.com is the most expensive. It is a luxurious inn located up on a hill across the river from Mendocino with a beautiful view of the village as well as the ocean. It has a swimming pool, brand new gym, sauna, Jacuzzi, and television in the rooms (these items are rare in an area as remote as this). Most rooms have fireplaces and balconies.  It is a beautiful inn, pet friendly, with a vegetarian restaurant managed by lovely people. 
Other inns outside of the town of Mendocino (15 minutes or so away) The Little River Inn, (888) 466-5683 or (707) 937-5942, website: www.littleriverinn.com.  Email lri@mcn.org, is an old landmark. It is charming, has the only golf course on the coast, a spa, and a truly magnificent view of the ocean. There is a friendly bar with a view and a really good restaurant. It is located in Little River. It has a variety of accommodations at different prices. Ask for a discount, mention that you are coming to work with Drs. Stone. Discounts are often available, but will depend upon the time of year and hotel occupancy.

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